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Training and Certification Lead
Job Description / Skills Required

Zipline is growing rapidly, and we are looking for a Training and Certification Lead to drive the development and scaling of a world-class training and certification program for all roles at our Distribution Centers (DCs).

Our DCs are at the core of our operations, and high-quality training at these DCs will be a critical foundation for fueling Zipline’s growth. As Zipline’s Training and Certification Lead, you will be responsible for ensuring that all of our operators are trained and certified to execute at a high standard. You’ll define Zipline’s training strategy and certification program design, and will shape the development of the next generation of Zipline operators worldwide. You will also ensure that training and certification is consistent across all of our DCs, and that all operators are promptly certified on any changes to our system.

This role will require a willingness to spend 80%+ of your time outside of the U.S., primarily in emerging markets.

Within 1 month, you'll:

Ramp up on Zipline’s existing training and certification programs

Get certified for Zipline’s key distribution center roles

Conduct a needs assessment to identify training needs for key roles

Identify gaps in Zipline’s current training programs and potential improvements to incorporate

Within 3 months, you'll:

Develop training certifications on new skillsets, extending and improving upon our existing framework

Collect feedback from the field on Zipline’s existing programs and develop a roadmap for improvement

Ideate and implement new creative ways for us to train the next generation of Flight and Fulfillment Operators

Define certification standards for key roles, and build operational systems so that all Distribution Centers can track the certification status of their employees

Within 6 months, you'll:

Define Zipline’s standards for training materials across the organization, and be responsible for ensuring all materials are up to standard

Train the rest of the organization on how to develop high-quality training materials

Own the smooth rollout of all engineering and operational changes to our DCs

Hire and build a team to support training and certification efforts as Zipline scales rapidly

Track and report progress against a clear set of training and certification KPIs

Ideal qualifications:

Experience developing a training and certification program for a rapidly growing international organization

Ability to build high-quality, well-designed, and user-friendly training content

Ability to exercise user empathy and put yourself in the shoes of new operators to ensure that content is developed at the appropriate level

International experience, and willingness to spend 80-90% of time outside of the U.S

Able to work well in a fast-paced, energetic environment with a positive attitude and impeccable time management skills

Proactive with excellent organization and attention to detail, with strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Ability to lead, manage and train new teams (many times international ones)

Experience prioritizing efforts among multiple active projects on different teams and work independently

Ability to execute on tight timelines, in low-resource environments, and across time zones

Background in operations and/or logistics