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Sales and marketing platform

Director of Demand Generation
Boston, MA, US
Job Description / Skills Required

OK first let’s take the traditional demand generation playbook and throw it right out the window.

There. Much better.

Now if that didn’t send you running, then we might just be onto something here…

See Drift is the world’s first and only conversational marketing and sales platform. And that means that we’re re-writing the playbook for marketers all around the world. So we’re looking for a marketer who can generate leads with an entirely new playbook -- a playbook that doesn’t use landing pages, lead forms, gated content, MQLs, or SQLs.

What you will be doing on the marketing team at Drift:

You will lead and build out our campaigns team. This team will be responsible for email marketing, social media, paid marketing, co-marketing, content promotion, and using Drift on Drift.
You will manage top of the funnel demand generation and own our monthly, quarterly, and yearly lead goals (focused on CQLs -- Conversation Qualified Leads).
You will play the role of quarterback on the marketing team, helping us figure out which resources to allocate where and which campaigns we should be running.
You will be the one responsible for seeing the future and figuring out what our next 2-3 marketing channels might be.
And most importantly, you will be writing the playbook on Conversational Marketing. The campaigns you run and techniques you help develop here will be shared with thousands of Drift customers and marketers all around the world. You will quickly make a dent in the marketing world.

About you and what type of skills you’ll need:

You have deep experience in at least one core customer acquisition channel, whether it’s SEO, SEM, social media advertising, retargeting, affiliate marketing, etc.
You’re an analytical marketer and love spending your days thinking through lead scoring, marketing attribution, and building funnels in tools like Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Mode, and of course you love a good a spreadsheet.
You move fast and even though you love those tools, you believe almost anything can be solved with Zapier and Google Sheets.
You’ve been experimenting with Drift and already have a few ideas of tests you want to run to book more meetings for our sales team.

PS. If you have a track record of generating thousands of leads and have a system for building repeatable demand, that’s awesome. Just be ready to rewrite the playbook here.