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Provides digital interviewing solutions to global enterprises.

Technical Solutions Engineer
South Jordan, UT, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Compensation: Salary + annual bonus + 401K + stock options + flexible vacation + medical + dental/vision + relocation + lots of food.

We are looking for a terrific Sr. Engineer who want to join our cool team.

You are a Senior Software Engineer that is passionate about being in front of customers. If this is you then please apply!

Here is our challenge: Our customers love using HireVue but sometimes struggle with how to use it. When this happens we need an empathetic technical engineer ie. YOU to help them out. The job will require wearing multiple hats and working directly with a variety of very sophisticated customers. You will become part of their family. You know, like the family member who is always asked to fix computer problems. Yep, you’ll be that but on a much grander scale. So even though we know you love your current "family"you we are excited for you to meet ours.

The Job:
You will be working with a variety of technologies and will need to have a strong knowledge of multiple programming languages and also have real-world development experience. You will also help customers with networking and interconnection challenges so knowledge of networking and video are excellent attributes. You are a software developer who is looking for a slightly different role that is hands on with customers every day.

What you’ll be doing:
HireVue works with some of the largest and coolest companies in the world to help them hire the best people. You’ll use a wide variety of technical skills to help customers be successful with HireVue.

Consulting with customers to help them design technical job interviews for hiring their software developing using our CodeVue product.
Enhancing our technical interviewing product by adding new challenges and finding ways to make it more effective.
Helping customer troubleshoot problems with their networks to make video flow seamlessly.
Helping customers understand things like how to connect their systems to our systems, eg. building VPNs to our networks or connecting their Microsoft Exchange servers to us.
You will also come up with really creative ideas that we can add to our product to make life simpler for you and everyone else.

On making a change:
Don’t worry about it. Your current company will find someone else and we will be off singing a happy tune.

You are "happy” where you are, but we know you’ll even be happier here. And all your “co-workers” will be jealous putting in their 60+ hours a week while you are building stuff, playing and doing the things you love. Remember to invite your friends.

The People:
We have Mountain Bikers, Road Bikers, Skiers / Boarders (dawn patrol & resort), Runners, Video Game heroines, Movie Buffs, Musicians, and every other variety of people. We have Family people, Motivational people, Happy people. You will find a friend here and like we said bring your friends too.

Our Hiring Process:
You find or get sent this job ad.
You read the ad and find it stimulating.
It piques your interest and/or makes you want to disprove our claims.
You tell us you are interested (apply, email, shout, call).
We send you a link to use our awesome software and tell us more about yourself (includes coding).
You come meet the team and verify all the truths (and more) written here.
You tell everyone how inspired your life has become.
Your friends come on over and you earn a sweet referral bonus – for each one.

We hope you won't ignore this opportunity. You are happy, but shouldn’t you be happier? Come in and check it out. Worst-case scenario – You find out all the things we say are true (which you will) and you are a wonderful fit and then you don’t take our offer. Don’t be scared of change. Sometimes you should move on and we encourage it too. We have terrific alumni at LinkedIn, Google, Amazon and more. By the way – they still love HireVue.

One more thing:
Don't dress up, don’t update your resume, don’t study up on Algorithms and Brain teasers. Just feel welcome, embrace the moment and be yourself.