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Advancing 3D printing.

Production Development Engineer
Redwood City, CA, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Carbon’s mission is simple: we change how products are made and how manufacturing businesses are run. From patient-specific medical devices to on-demand spare part production, we enable engineers and business people to create in ways that were previously impossible. As a Production Engineer at Carbon your main goal is to help our current and future customers assess, evaluate, and optimize their applications for production. Our common vision is to build Carbon-powered factories that make new products and new business models possible. Carbon Production Engineers lead our collaborations with these visionary customers and help them make their vision a reality.

Part of Carbon’s strategy is to scale through the creation of a Production Partner Network. The role of Production Development Engineer is instrumental in supporting growth of this network, establishing the deep relationships required for solid partnerships and maintaining the quality of interaction with the end customer. The Production Development Engineer will assist Carbon’s partners in providing a high-quality interaction with their customers on a day-to-day basis in the areas of Service, Training, Marketing, and Sales. This will require a dynamic person with a customer facing personality, attention to detail and the ability to learn and distill challenging technical information quickly so that it can be conveyed to our partners in a concise way.

After only a few months in this role you will have learned more than you have in the past few years, you will have interacted with people from a wider range of industries and job functions than you have in your professional life and you will have a greater impact on how manufacturing is done than you could have in any other job.

This role will be working within an exceptional team, but will often need to be very independent. A significant amount of travel will be required. Self-direction, independence and initiative will be needed. This role may be remote from the Redwood City central office, however if that is the case, travel to the central office will be required a few days a month, which emphasizes the need for independence and initiative.


EDUCATE customers on design for DLS concepts and execution. This will include how the printer works, details of Carbon's materials, design guidelines to follow, the parameters that affect successful outcomes, the software used to create new design concepts, and post processing and finishing techniques.
PRESENT seminars at Carbon's office as well as at the offices of customers and Production Partners
EVALUATE potential projects for production with DLS (Digital Light Synthesis).
Form a complete set of REQUIREMENTS and statement of work for each project.
MANAGE timelines, milestones, deliverables.
DEVELOP applications from prototyping to production by assisting with all stages of production including file preparation, resin dispense, printing, post processing, finishing, quality control to deliver a full production solution based upon the application.
TROUBLESHOOT when customer has challenges with process.
OPTIMIZE customer designs, supports, and process parameters for best results in production with DLS. This will usually be an iterative process which will involve design, setup, printing and adjusting inputs
Helping customer set up their process and facility to maximize efficiency, safety and professionalism of their operation


5-10 years of EXPERIENCE with all stages of engineering development including, determining requirements, failure modes analysis, writing specifications, design, documentation, verification, production set-up and optimization.
INITIATIVE to do what is necessary to support and build partner success.
PROFESSIONALISM, Customer-facing/interpersonal skills
CREATIVITY and design talent
DESIGN and CAD skills, preferably in multiple software environments
PATIENCE with customers, hardware and software
INTUITIVE grasp of mechanical analysis
MANAGEMENT of multiple tasks at a time while paying strict attention to detail
COMMUNICATIONS skills, written and verbal, including in-person presentations in groups, via phone and email
FLEXIBILITY to adjust with a dynamic, growing company
FLUENT in English and in native language of region of responsibility
PREFERRED BACKGROUND BS Mechanical Engineering degree or equivalent
Experience with Injection Molding
Experience with additive manufacturing technologies
Familiarity with FEA, Topology Optimization, Algorithmic Design