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Drone delivery

Operations Engineer
United States of America
Job Description / Skills Required

Zipline is at the forefront of a logistics revolution, using battery powered autonomous aircraft to deliver just-in-time, lifesaving medical supplies around the world and we’re looking for motivated, proactive team members to join us.

Do you love to find new ways to solve old problems in a high-energy environment with an inspiring team of innovators, driven to tackle seemingly impossible challenges? Are you someone who shines under pressure? Then keep reading.

Our flight and fulfillment operators drive Zipline - their ability to use our hardware and software systems to serve our customers is paramount to Zipline’s success. As an Operations Engineer, your job is to help them do this as easily and efficiently as possible. This requires a deep understanding of Zipline’s technical and operational systems, and the ability to easily translate between those two worlds, identifying problems, proposing solutions, and driving our continuous improvement process.
Within 1 month you will:
Ramp up on Zipline’s systems, using hands-on training to learn how our software, hardware, and operations systems work together to deliver life-saving medical supplies
Become an expert user of our data analysis and operations support software tools
Use troubleshooting tools and internal documentation to help diagnose and resolve problems our operators encounter
Within 3 months you will:
Build analysis tools to help other operators or engineers diagnose common anomalies
Build troubleshooting guides to allow operators to resolve issues on their own
Be the project manager for cross-functional engineering efforts to ameliorate operational issues or otherwise improve our system
Within 6 months you will:
Help identify what our top continuous improvement efforts should be based on analytics and operator feedback
Creatively identify and implement ways to automate aspects of our operations support systems and continuous improvement processes
Manage the rollout of major engineering changes to our operations environment
Be a key player in our efforts to scale our operations support and continuous improvement systems around the world
Ideal Qualifications
Bachelor's degree in a science or engineering field
Proven ability to take extreme ownership and build processes from the ground up
Experience operating remote hardware assets using documented procedures
Able to quickly understand technical systems you may not have expertise in
Good data analysis skills, especially for remote hardware systems; able to use tools to plot and understand data, read logs, and do basic scripting
Experience writing procedures and technical documentation, with a knack for translating between operators and engineers
Able to understand an operator’s challenges and perspective; able to wrangle engineers and lead brainstorming and troubleshooting efforts
Able to ruthlessly prioritize issues, ask questions, and escalating issues to drive problems to resolution.
Must be eligible to work in the US