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Software Product / UX Designer
South Jordan, UT, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Software Product / UX Designer
Salt Lake City, UT

We are looking for a passionate design professional to inspire, develop and help execute on our market-changing vision. We believe that usability, interaction design, and user experience are integrally core to the company’s future value and that the designer role is critical to overall company success.

The Job:
Together with a Product Manager you will be helping to identify and validate customer problems through discovery. From there, as a team you will be responsible for designing and testing the best solutions to those problems. We love solutions that are simple, intuitive, and powerful and that allow our customers to discover, hire and develop the best talent, faster.

· At least 2 years experience as a UX/Product Designer
· Applications without links to relevant or current work will not be considered.
· Custom websites, Dribbble accounts, Behance, etc. are all acceptable!
· Familiarity with Sketch & Invision a plus
· Great, laid-back and collaborative personality is the goal here
· Ability to have entire conversations in GIF format makes you the ultimate dream candidate

The People:
HireVue is headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. Not a local? We'll help you relocate! When you get here, you'll be greeted by an awesome group of people that feel more like family than coworkers. We have guys and gals, outdoorsy folk, gamers, movie buffs, musicians, and just about every other type of person imaginable. We have family people, single people, and overall just great like-minded intelligent people who care about others and the impact they can make through HireVue's amazing products.

The Perks:
We hire the best employees and then give them the autonomy and tools to create great solutions to challenging problems. You will have top-notch tools such as a Retina MacBook Pro, Adobe CC, Sketch, Invision, Slack and more.

Our Hiring Process:
· You find or get sent this job ad.
· You tell us you are interested (apply, email, etc) and make sure you include links to your work.
· We send you a link to use our awesome software and you tell us more about yourself.
· You come meet the team and verify all the truths (and more) written here.
· You tell everyone how amazing your life has become.
· Your friends come over and you earn a sweet referral bonus – for each one!

One more thing:
Don’t update your resume! Don’t study up on Design Theory or Interaction Design! Definitely don’t go press your clothes or buy a suit! Our on-demand interview will let you tell your story exactly the way you want to. Don’t be scared of change. Don’t worry about your current employer, sometimes you have to move on and we encourage it here, too. We have amazing alumni at Linkedin, Google and more. By the way – they still love HireVue!
If you are still unsure, we are inviting you to come by anytime for a tour of our office without any commitment.