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Maria Alegre

Outsider Insight

Maria Alegre, Co-Founder & CEO of Chartboost, knew she'd be a founder from an early age. While other kids played with dolls, she started businesses. She sees technology as a way to scale utility, especially when you can abstract a core element from one context and bring it to the rest of the world.

Her advice to new founders: Make it useful.

About Chartboost

Sequoia partnered with Chartboost early, while they were less than a year old. Founded by game developers and data geeks, Chartboost builds technology for people just like them, so they can turn their mobile games into successful businesses. Because of its passion for games, design and data, Chartboost has helped game developers grow to become successful businesses with ads, analytics and downloads.

What is an Outsider Insight?

If you traced a line through Sequoia’s history from Apple to Airbnb, you’d find a common trait: each founder, partner, and trusted expert in our network possesses something we call an Outsider Insight.

An Outsider Insight transforms the way the world looks at a problem. Sometimes the insight comes from transplanting concepts from one field into another. Other times it comes from the unique experience, background, or point of view of the individual. In all cases, we hope each Outsider Insight presented here will provide practical inspiration for the next generation of founders.

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