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Anas Biad

  • Growth

I admire that founders have the courage to take the risk—to put pressure on their lives, both personally and professionally, in order to build something from nothing.


I grew up in Casablanca, Morocco where I enjoyed my time playing soccer, reading Japanese manga and studying mathematics. Our public schools didn’t have many resources, so I had to study on my own. Eventually, I got into Ecole Polytechnique in France.

One internship changed the course of my career. I was building a machine-learning model for an ad trading firm, but I was much more excited about understanding how the company worked. I realized that the business world was much more interesting to me.

At Bain, I experienced the importance of great company culture and at Silver Lake I had the chance to see what best-in-class late stage tech businesses are. Partnering with founders at Sequoia allows me to be part of the company-building adventure from the start—it’s a privilege to work with daring founders in their journey.

On the lookout for

I like spending time in different areas. If a business has the potential to disrupt how we live and work, I’m excited to learn about it.

Every founder is different, but they all have a story of why they decided to drop everything and start their company. I look for founders who have a unique insight and are obsessed with winning.

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Personal Side

  • Soccer
  • Japanese manga
  • Video games
  • Traveling

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Current Companies

Company Name  Short Description Current Stage  Founders First Partnered  collapse
BoltBolt is a European mobility platform for ridesharing, scooter rentals and food delivery.Growth
  • Oliver Leisalu
  • Markus Villig
  • Martin Villig
Growth (2021)Collapse
LedgyLedgy's platform gives companies, employees and investors insight into equity ownership.Growth
  • Ben Brandt
  • Timo Horstschäefer
  • Yoko Spirig
Early (2021)Collapse
UpwayUpway is a platform for the second-hand purchase, reconditioning and resale of electric bikes. Early
  • Stéphane Ficaja
  • Toussaint Wattinne
Growth (2021)Collapse
VEEDVEED is a browser-based, collaborative and easy-to-use video creation and editing tool. Early
  • Sabba Keynejad
  • Timur Mamedov
Early (2021)Collapse