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Donald Valentine
Donald Valentine

Remembering Don Valentine: Don Valentine's memorial service will be on January 9 at 3:00 p.m., in Bing Concert Hall at Stanford University. To honor DTV’s spirit and magnificent sense of style, wear your best plaid, paisley or green.

The art of listening is infinitely more powerful than speaking.

I remain infinitely fascinated with how technical twenty-somethings view the world in a highly unconventional way and want to build products their way, not someone else's.

Steve Wozniak was my first technical tutor. He gave me an early Apple "Home Brew" computer with an attached audiotape memory device. (At the time, DEC sold the cheapest commercially produced computers for $250,000.)

My first car was a 1940 Ford (with a rumble seat) which I bought for about $200.

John Morgridge, the first CEO of Cisco, always stressed to me the importance of market identification and developing that market cost effectively.

The biggest consistent irritant were co-investors more intent on talking over management, rather than listening to them, in the board room.

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