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Jess Lee

  • Seed/Early

When I work with founders, my hope is to share some of what I went through with my startup, combined with the mistakes and trials and lessons (and successes) of five decades of Sequoia founders.


I wanted to draw manga, but my parents wouldn’t let me go to art school. So computer science at Stanford led me to Google as a PM. Then I fell for Polyvore, a product that combined my love of self-expression with my training in software development. I emailed with some suggestions and complaints, and the founders hired me as employee #1. I wore many hats, from writing code to designing UX to community building, from fundraising to selling ads. There were epic highs and lows. Most of these roles were new to me, but my love for the product and our user community was my guide. Eventually the founders named me a cofounder and even gifted me some of their own shares. Four years in, I became CEO.

My first meeting with Roelof wasn’t the pitch opportunity I was hoping for. He was pitching me to become a VC! A couple years later, after Polyvore was acquired by Yahoo!, we met again and the timing worked out. I worried I didn’t fit the mold, but when Roelof and Jim showed up with an offer letter in hand, dressed as Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, I knew there was a place for cosplay (and me) at Sequoia.

I came here to be the partner I wish I’d had as a founder, the first person you text with good news and bad. In addition to investing, I work closely with our engineering, product, design, and data science teams, and help run our Company Design program. I also helped cofound All Raise, a community of female founders and funders dedicated to changing the gender balance in tech. I’m so grateful to be part of a partnership that not just accepts, but encourages, difference.

On the lookout for

Spike. Grit. Spark. The best founders have something that sets them apart. And yet, when you are that spiky, gritty, high-slope founder, it doesn’t always feel fantastic. It can feel like a rollercoaster that swings daily, hourly, with each moment. It’s easy to doubt yourself. Grit and tenacity are essential for survival. I look for distance traveled, mission orientation, and underdogs with something to prove. It also helps to be a great storyteller who can convince people to join you on the adventure.

Consumer is my natural habitat. The greatest consumer companies fundamentally change the way we live or work, so I pay close attention to generational shifts like the rise of the side hustle, the aging population, Gen Z attitudes and the future of flexible work. Some of the great consumer ideas seem crazy at first. When you start, most people think, That will never work.” And then it works.

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  • Manga
  • Pop culture nerd
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  • All Raise

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Current Companies

Company Name  Short Description Current Stage  Founders First Partnered  collapse
ClaimClaim is building a social network based on benefits with friends.Pre-Seed/Seed
  • Sam Obletz
  • Tap Stephenson
Pre-Seed/Seed (2023)Collapse
FlagshipFlagship is helping creator set up their own curated boutiques, without hassle.Pre-Seed/Seed
  • Youssef Ahres
  • Khalil Hajji
  • Juhana Kangaspunta
Pre-Seed/Seed (2022)Collapse
Iris LabsIris Labs is a trusted online community for beauty enthusiasts. Early
  • Jenny Qian
Pre-Seed/Seed (2019)Collapse
IroncladIronclad's contract solutions empower legal teams to do more legal work and less paperwork.Growth
  • Jason Boehmig
  • Cai GoGwilt
Early (2018)Collapse
MavenMaven is a women's health telemedicine network.Growth
  • Katherine Ryder
Early (2018)Collapse
MosMos is an app that gives college students access to the largest pool of financial aid and scholarships in America.Growth
  • Amira Yahyaoui
Early (2020)Collapse
OtterOtter matches parents who need childcare with stay-at-home parents who can care for their kids.Early
  • Helen Mayer
Early (2021)Collapse
PacePace is where hundreds of small groups find human connection on the internet every week. Pre-Seed/Seed
  • Jack Chou
  • Cat Lee
  • Alex Shye
Pre-Seed/Seed (2020)Collapse
PendulumPendulum is a biotechnology company working to improve the human microbiome.Growth
  • James Bullard
  • Colleen Cutcliffe
  • John Eid
Early (2017)Collapse
ProtégéProtégé is a platform where you can get your talent discovered by the best experts in the world.Pre-Seed/Seed
  • Mike Cruz
  • Jackson Jhin
Pre-Seed/Seed (2021)Collapse
SquintSquint connects the digital and physical worlds using cameras, sensors, and user data to present contextual information at the right time.Early
  • Devin Bhushan
Pre-Seed/Seed (2023)Collapse
WonoloWonolo is an on-demand staffing platform for frontline workers.Growth
  • Yong Kim
Early (2017)Collapse

Enduring Companies

Company Name  Short Description Current Stage  Founders First Partnered  collapse
Dia&CoDia&Co, now a part of Fullbeauty Brands, is a personal styling service and clothing company for plus-size women.Acquired
  • Nadia Boujarwah
  • Lydia Gilbert
Early (2016)Collapse