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Matt Miller

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My grandfather grew up with nothing and made a success of himself. He always used to say, ‘Choose your dream and the future you dream can be yours, if you have the will to make it so.’ For me this quote is everything.


My passion for technology began as a kid. I had a love for computer games, to a point where my mother wouldn’t let me play anymore unless I built my own computer. I bought a book, earned money by mowing lawns and built my first one when I was 11. It wasn’t long before I was selling my home-built computers and devouring programming books at night. I knew I wanted to work in the technology industry.

My journey to Sequoia has had many twists and turns. I took two years off school and attempted to build an out-of-home media network in restaurants. That experience gave me so much empathy for the life and pressures of being a founder. After failing, I wanted to learn what life was like at the best technology companies in the world, so I cold-called my way into a job interview at Goldman Sachs and told them “I will be your best guy if you give me a shot and let me work in the Valley.” I got the job and worked 100+ hours a week to deliver on that promise. Sequoia reached out while I was at Goldman, and my immediate thought was, “This is an opportunity of a lifetime to work with the best technology investors in the world.” The journey since has been incredible.

On the lookout for

I have been working on our plan to enter Europe for the past few years and have recently moved my family to London. Europe has always had amazing technology talent but more recently that talent is choosing to work in startups and keep their companies here. We have been seeing more and more global market leaders have their start in Europe and knew we needed to be here on the ground to work with them as early as possible. For me it is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The thing I really love about Sequoia is that we approach investing with an eye to become the founder’s preferred business partner and to dream with them on a scale of decades. We work to give every company we partner with every unfair advantage we can, from our own depth of experience and network. That is how we spend half of our time and it’s one of the most thrilling aspects of our jobs.

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Current Companies

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dbt Labsdbt helps data teams work like software engineers to ship trusted data faster.Growth
  • Tristan Handy
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GrafanaGrafana is an observability platform that integrates metrics, traces and logs.Growth
  • Rajiv Dutt
  • Torkel Ödegaard
  • Anthony Woods
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GraphcoreGraphcore designs processors for machine learning.Growth
  • Simon Knowles
  • Nigel Toon
Growth (2017)Collapse
Hex TechnologiesHex is a a collaborative platform for data science and analytics. Growth
  • Caitlin Colgrove
  • Barry McCardel
  • Glen Takahashi
Growth (2023)Collapse
n8nn8n is a free low-code workflow automation tool.Early
  • Jan Oberhauser
Seed (2020)Collapse
StreamlitStreamlit builds software for quickly creating and deploying data apps.Acquired
  • Amanda Kelly
  • Thiago Teixeira
  • Adrien Treuille
Growth (2021)Collapse
TectonTecton provides data management for ML.Growth
  • Michael Del Balso
  • Jeremy Hermann
  • Kevin Stumpf
Seed (2018)Collapse
YokoyYokoy automates businesses' spend management through artificial intelligenceGrowth
  • Melanie Gabriel
  • Thomas Inhelder
  • Devis Lussi
  • Lars Mangelsdorf
  • Philippe Sahli
Growth (2022)Collapse

Enduring Companies

Company Name  Short Description Current Stage  Founders First Partnered  collapse
Carbon BlackVMware Carbon Black Endpoint consolidates multiple endpoint security capabilities using one agent and console.AcquiredGrowthCollapse
ConfluentConfluent's streaming data platform helps enterprise companies harness data.IPO
  • Jay Kreps
  • Neha Narkhede
  • Jun Rao
Growth (2017)Collapse