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Current Companies

Company Name  Short Description Current Stage  Founders First Partnered  collapse
AkeeroAkeero builds automated threat modelling for cloud infrastructure.Arc
  • Stuart Cameron
  • Anthi Gilligan
  • Ciaran O'Keeffe
Arc (2022)Collapse
ArcwiseArcwise is the low-code platform for data apps that brings the power of Python, SQL & ML to everyoneArc
  • Rahul Bali
  • Hanson Wang
Arc (2022)Collapse
BaselimeBaselime is an Observability as Code platform that resolves incidents and performance bottlenecks in serverless applications.Arc
  • Boris Tane
Arc (2022)Collapse
BentoBento, now part of Linktree, is a beautiful and rich personal page to show everything you are, create and sell.Acquired
  • Sélim Benayat
  • Mugeeb Hassan
Arc (2022)Collapse unlocks new revenue for businesses with crypto payments.Arc
  • Peng Du
  • Millie Yang
Arc (2022)Collapse
CalliperCalliper makes data accessible and actionable for the whole team to make better decisions, together.Arc
  • James Elmore
  • Kosta Kolev
Arc (2022)Collapse
ConstellateConstellate is bringing the company center of gravity back with a collectively-curated feed of work-in-progress.Arc
  • Brianna Wolfson
Arc (2022)Collapse
FidesFides enables organizations to digitize and automate their corporate governance duties across entities globally.Arc
  • Vincent Bobinski
  • Lisa Gradow
  • Philippa Peters
Arc (2022)Collapse
HallwayHallway makes avatar identity & creative tools to empower the next generation of creators.Arc
  • Brett Koonce
  • Bryan Pratte
Arc (2022)Collapse
MirageMirage enables 3D content creation with AI-augmented tools. Arc
  • Mayank Kishore
  • Aman Kishore
  • Sree Tripuramallu
Otto FinanceOtto Finance is the home of every employee's financial life, helping them to achieve their financial goals and dreams.Arc
  • Madeleine Debney
  • Jan Thomas
Arc (2022)Collapse
PopsinkPopsink helps companies build the next generation of data services.Arc
  • Alexandre Colella
  • Benjamin Djidi
Arc (2022)Collapse
RevMapRevMap bridges product and sales teams so companies can build better products and sell more efficiently.Arc
  • Berber Krop
Arc (2022)Collapse
RoonRoon is re-imagining medical content and health communities.Arc
  • Vikram Bhaskaran
  • Rohan Ramakrishna
  • Arun Ranganathan
Arc (2022)Collapse
SafaraSafara is the online travel agency for Millennials and Gen-Z.Arc
  • Cody Rose
  • Doug Schuessler
Arc (2022)Collapse
SquintSquint connects the digital and physical worlds using cameras, sensors, and user data to present contextual information at the right time.Arc
  • Devin Bhushan
StudeoStudeo Limited is democratising elite tutoring.Arc
  • Antonin De Laever
  • Nicolas Levandowsky
Arc (2022)Collapse
SureInSureIn empowers SMBs to efficiently manage their risk and insurance.Seed
  • Daniel Dierkes
  • Maximilian Geißinger
  • David Schara
Arc (2022)Collapse
SynativSynativ helps companies to generate missing image data to enable new AI use cases.Arc
  • Tom Bruls
  • Andrew Kanapatski
Arc (2022)Collapse
TandaTanda empowers financial security & fostering workplace community for increased retention, productivity, & wellbeing.Arc
  • Chris Chan
  • Jesse Chor
  • Mike Emery
  • Glen Wong
TelescopeTelescope is an AI sales assistant that performs prospecting on auto-pilot.Arc
  • Reza Javan
  • Camin McCluskey
Arc (2022)Collapse
This OneThis one helps consumers solve discovery problems in many verticals and at internet-scale.Arc
  • Martin Gould
  • Johnny Hunter
Arc (2022)Collapse
TwainTwain is an AI communication assistant for outreach.Arc
  • Mohamed Chahin
Arc (2022)Collapse
Visual ElectricVisual Electric is building a new kind of visual design tool powered by AI.Arc
  • Colin Dunn
  • Adam Menges
  • Zach Stiggelbout
XeldaXelda is a contactless, ethical payments app.Arc
  • India Healy O'Connor
Arc (2022)Collapse