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Partnering with Harvey: Putting LLMs to Work

Gabe, Winston and their team are using generative AI to give knowledge workers superpowers.

More than a hundred million people have now had The GPT Moment. 

This is the moment you realize the earth is moving beneath your feet. The tectonic plates of technology are shifting, and your world is changing in a fundamental way. You begin to dream. You imagine the impact this will have on your life. You begin to play. You start small, but quickly you’re pushing the limits of the machine, feeding it more and more context for increasingly sophisticated queries. You begin to work. With superhuman recall and reasoning at your fingertips, you’re more productive than you’ve ever been. You don’t know how you lived without this. Your heart is filled with joy.  

Unfortunately, this is when the second moment strikes. The Uh-Oh Moment. This is the moment you get an email from Compliance. Compliance would like to provide you with a copy of the new AI Usage Policy. It turns out you are a repeat offender. You instinctively move to ask ChatGPT if this policy is retroactive, but quickly realize that this may be yet another violation. Your heart rate increases. You are now sweating. How are you going to get your job done without GPT models? How is your company going to compete? Fear and panic overwhelm you.  

Relax. Gabe and Winston have your back. Long before you had your GPT Moment, they had theirs. And they’ve been thinking about how to help you ever since.  

Gabe Pereyra and Winston Weinberg are the founders of Harvey. Harvey unlocks the power of LLMs at work.

Last year, Harvey became the first company built on top of GPT-4, and ever since then they’ve been making it work for work. Need a custom model? They’re on it. Data segregation? They’re on it. Enterprise security and compliance? They’re on it.  

Gabe comes from the bleeding edge of AI research. Winston comes from blue-chip securities and antitrust litigation. Together, they understand both the problem (rote cognitive labor) and the solution (large language models). And experience aside, they are forces of nature—not to mention a true delight to work with.    

Harvey is starting with the legal market, which is $300Bn+ in the U.S. alone. Legal work is the ultimate text-in, text-out business—a bull’s-eye for language models—and Harvey has already begun to make an impact. Harvey helps legal teams find leverage in time-consuming tasks like legal research, due diligence and more, allowing them to focus on client relationships and strategic work that truly moves the needle. In February, Allen & Overy became the first announced enterprise customer. In March, PwC announced it was coming on board. More than 15,000 law firms are on the waiting list today.  

Gabe, Winston and their team are running hard to make these early believers successful, and they now have the full force of Sequoia behind them. Today we are thrilled to share that we’ve led Harvey’s Series A.  

Harvey is the first and best instantiation of a new breed of company: the AI super app. Harvey is in the business of giving people superpowers. First, lawyers. Next, professional services. Eventually, all of knowledge work.  

We at Sequoia are delighted to be in business with Gabe, Winston and the entire team at Harvey. We look forward to helping them unlock the power of LLMs at work and, in doing so, usher in a new era of superhuman productivity.