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Bryan Schreier
Bryan Schreier

I derive great fulfillment from helping others achieve their full potential. I’m obsessed with technology and building companies. I feel lucky to have discovered the best role for me, and that’s a supporting role, behind the scenes, for the greatest founders, teams, and companies of tomorrow.

You will not find me at conferences. I do not write blog posts. I avoid “humble” self-promotion on Twitter and Facebook. It’s not about me. This behavior is part focus and part allergy. Don’t get me wrong — I love working with people. That is what gets me up in the morning. It is what I do. However, anything that is more than a degree away from supporting a company or founder feels like misused time.

We try not to specialize. The companies I find compelling are ones that are somehow rewiring an industry.

We met Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in a tiny Russian Hill apartment in 2007. In addition to being the founders of Dropbox, they were also the only employees. All it took was an introduction and a pre-launch demo to make it clear to us that they had both the vision and the skills to become the center of peoples' digital world.

This might sound over the top. It isn’t. My goal is to be the founder’s first call. This is not something an investor can add to a term sheet. It has to be earned through trust and delivery. And it is definitely not glamorous.

Building companies is messy. I’m normally involved in the ugly parts of company development — not the nifty, glamorous ones.

Most of my learned behavior comes from early on. My father sacrificed his career to give me the gift of education — because he thought I had potential. The high school he sent me to developed my sense of service to others.

I appreciate the alignment in our business - we win by helping our companies win. The only thing better than winning is seeing Sequoia companies win.

I’ve never run a real company but I learned from one of the great leaders of our time. She taught me how to take a team from zero to thousands, and how to creatively address any challenge thrown in front of me. She also taught me about loyalty beyond loyalty, and how to fight for your people. I built my practice on that foundation.

In business, my people are my founders and my partners.

You’ll be able to find the other stuff you need to know about me through the founders I work with and maybe a bit of Twittering. That said, it really is pretty simple: I thrive on partnering with people who will make a dent in tomorrow — and being there for whatever they need to maximize that dent.