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George Robson

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If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.


Education, like entrepreneurship, is an incredible vehicle for change. For my parents, education unlocked a new world of opportunities, so they prioritized it for me and my sisters. We could go wherever we wanted for school, provided we got enough scholarships to get there. So I sat waves of exams from age 10. I had phenomenal schooling, earning my right to be there from the generosity of others. I think about that a lot and it forced me to think more seriously about how I spent my time. I went to the LSE to study economics. It’s a fascinating place—like 140 countries on one small campus. While at LSE, I co-founded an accelerator with some friends and am still on the board.

I first met the Revolut team while I was studying. When I was at Morgan Stanley I saw the product starting to take off. I was drawn to this group of outsiders to financial services, disrupting the world’s largest industry for the benefit of millions of consumers and businesses. I built a product line there, and left intending to start my own company. Then COVID hit. Heeding the Black Swan Memo, I decided to wait six months, and Sequoia was a welcome interloper in those plans.

On the lookout for

Grit and determination. They’re intangibles that I seek out in those I like to spend time with. You can have this without big logos or big brands on your CV. I think it’s increasingly true that you can live anywhere, do any job from anywhere and found a business from anywhere. This creates a lot of opportunity here in the EU with so many ecosystems and centers for excellence.

Strong teams need to have alignment about what success looks like. Building a company is incredibly incremental, a group of you trying to push a giant rock up a hill. I think there’s something quite beautiful about that kind of challenge.

The world’s first trillionaire will either be in climate, or in crypto. Zero-carbon concrete—somebody needs to solve that problem. It’s not sexy, but it would give us more time to solve everything else. In crypto there is a unique opportunity to rewrite pillars of our financial system; enabling people to share digital assets across borders instantly for free and promote greater interoperability of both data, assets and global liquidity. It has the capacity to be an important leveler for people to participate in the financial system, wherever they are.

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Current Companies

Company Name  Short Description Current Stage  Founders First Partnered  collapse
Co:HelmCo:Helm is transforming Healthcare’s $950Bn administration burden with AI Co:PilotsSeed
  • Zahid Mahmood
  • Abdel Mahmoud
Seed (2023)Collapse
EvyEvy builds simple product protection for e-commerce and retailers.Seed
  • Shana Azria
  • Simon Kemoun
  • Tanguy Le Stradic
Seed (2021)Collapse
MosMos is a neobank for college students and Gen Z.Growth
  • Amira Yahyaoui
Early (2020)Collapse
PennylanePennylane is the all-in-one financial and accounting platform for business owners and their CPAs.Growth
  • Tancrede Besnard
  • Felix Blossier
  • Thierry Deo
  • Édouard Mascré
  • Quentin de Metz
  • Alexandre Roquoplo
  • Arthur Waller
Early (2021)Collapse
TeldaTelda is a payment and money transfer platform.Seed
  • Ahmed Sabbah
  • Youssef Sholkamy
Seed (2021)Collapse
Trade RepublicTrade Republic makes buying and selling ETFs, derivatives and cryptocurrency easy.Growth
  • Marco Cancellieri
  • Christian Hecker
  • Thomas Pischke
Growth (2021)Collapse
TwoTwo is a a pure-B2B payment method that allows businesses to transact with each other seamlessly.Seed
  • Ed Brandler
  • Joachim Kruger
  • Andreas Mjelde
  • Stavros Tamvakakis
  • Kiran Thomas
Seed (2021)Collapse
xentralXentral is a lean ERP cloud software that can bundle all business processes in one place.Growth
  • Benedikt Sauter
  • Claudia Sauter
Early (2021)Collapse
ZefirZefir empowers people to move forward by buying homes directly and instantly from homeowners.Early
  • Remy Fabre
  • Louis Lambert