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Josephine Chen

  • Seed/Early

Finding true product market fit is indistinguishable from magic—I'm inspired by founders obsessed with finding it.


I was born in Massachusetts but spent most of my childhood in Taiwan before moving to the Bay Area at age ten. By the time I started college, I had somehow survived the role of being the new kid at seven different schools. For most founders, startup journeys are a story of resilience and adaptability. I want to be there to challenge them in the good times and be a shock absorber in the rough patches.

I strongly believe in immigrant founders: I saw firsthand the sheer tenacity of my parents who built a business while raising two daughters in a country where everything was foreign to them. I viscerally appreciate the challenges and the hopes of those chasing the American Dream—for many immigrants, there is more at stake than just their company.

I nearly drowned as a child. I sobbed all day, and the day after that, I asked to enroll in swimming lessons. There are moments where every founder feels like they’re drowning—I want to be their first call when that happens.

I started doing research in immunology when I was in middle school. I did translational oncology at Genentech, and then studied a new protein target to slow Alzheimer’s in college. At Stanford, I was able to marry my interests in biology with statistics and computer science, and I am excited to meet entrepreneurs innovating at that intersection.

On the lookout for

I want to dream with founders. Many times investors miss the seemingly simple ideas that can transform the future that visionary founders are able to see. I meet with entrepreneurs all day, but learning each person’s journey and insights never gets old. The best conversations are the ones that continue to 4AM because we are riffing on each other’s ideas. I want to be able to dream with you.

This will be the century where some of the greatest innovations come at the intersection of biology and computer science. While we are in the early innings of the transformation of healthcare, great companies will emerge as we shift to value-based care, unlock patient data, and expand digital care.

I think there’s still tremendous opportunity in classic, vertical SaaS for entrepreneurs to bring the future forward in traditional industries like healthcare. Software can transform big, legacy industries by unlocking the insights in their data and creating new consumer experiences.

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Personal Side

  • Exploring cultures through food
  • DeFi trades (for better or worse)
  • Musicals junkie

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Current Companies

Company Name  Short Description Current Stage  Founders First Partnered  collapse
AMP RoboticsAMP Robotics is changing the face of recycling with high-speed guided robotics.Growth
  • Matanya Horowitz
Early (2019)Collapse
AnrokAnrok is an end-to-end compliance solution for finance leaders of SaaS businesses.Growth
  • Kannan Goundan
  • Michelle Valentine
Pre-Seed/Seed (2020)Collapse
CatchCatch helps merchants and their customers save by cutting out the credit card companies. Early
  • Denia Ebersole
  • Whitney LaRow
  • Nico Perdomo
  • Vijay Singh
Early (2020)Collapse
ClaimClaim is building a social network based on benefits with friends.Pre-Seed/Seed
  • Sam Obletz
  • Tap Stephenson
Pre-Seed/Seed (2023)Collapse
FoundFound is an all-in-one business banking, bookkeeping and tax solution for self-employed businesses.Growth
  • Connor Dunn
  • Lauren Myrick
Early (2020)Collapse
KnowdeKnowde is the marketplace for chemicals, polymers and ingredients.Growth
  • Ali Amin-Javaheri
  • Wojciech Krupa
Early (2020)Collapse
Magic EdenMagic Eden is the leading destination for NFT discovery, expression, and ownership across digital cultures.Growth
  • Jack Lu
  • Zhuoxin (Zedd) Yin
  • Sidney Zhang
  • Zhuojie Zhou
Early (2021)Collapse
PrivyPrivy makes Simple APIs to manage user data off-chain.Early
  • Asta Li
  • Henri Stern
Pre-Seed/Seed (2021)Collapse