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Stephanie Zhan
Stephanie Zhan

I focus on partnering with seed and early-stage companies across consumer and enterprise. I love meeting bold founders with imaginative ideas and the wild ambition to make them reality.

It’s our mission at Sequoia to be your partner from idea to IPO and beyond. We partnered with Ethos after hearing their vision and reading one pitch deck for a reimagined life insurance company. We partnered with RecRoom at the Seed, just 2 weeks after they beta launched on the HTC Vive at the time; and now they are a top ranking free game across all VR devices, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android, and we've since led the Seed, Series A, Series D, and invested in every round in between. We first started building a relationship with Linear after I cold-emailed Karri to learn more about their unique vision of bringing craft back to software development; that has since led us to leading the Seed and Series A, and now a go-to issues tracking product for modern teams at high growth companies, and an incredible community of developer love.

I love working with founders at the earliest stages–whether that’s pre-seed, seed, pre-product or pre-revenue.

I was raised in Hong Kong and Beijing, two cities that rapidly developed their infrastructure, society, and economy. Living in a state of constant change made me crave continuous innovation, and I see my work at Sequoia as an extension of that.

I have always been fascinated by technology. I grew up playing Neopets, riding electric bicycles, and “tweeting” on Weibo. I chased this curiosity to the US where I studied computer science at Stanford and worked at Google Maps and Nest.

I’ve always loved consumer products that bring people closer together through collaboration, communication, commerce, entertainment and gaming.

More work than ever is happening online and workplace tools are starting to look more like consumer products. Meanwhile, we’re seeing an unbundling and rebundling of tools like Microsoft Office and Google Drive–all of which are presenting enormous opportunities for the future of work.

I’m also excited about the rise of the developer. As purchasing power shifts from traditional CIOs to developers, it’s easier than ever for developers to adopt new tools based on quality and ease of use creating entirely new distribution models for enterprise products.

There are lots of exciting opportunities in fintech, whether it’s new products designed for underserved demographics or age-old products redesigned with a modern user experience or direct-to-consumer distribution.

But the best ideas are often unexpected, so I’m always eager to listen. We’re here to believe in founders, and I can’t wait to help the next generation of company builders realize their vision.

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