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Partnering with Evy: Product Protection You Can Trust

Simon, Shana, Tanguy and their team are making product insurance plans effortless—for merchants and customers alike.

You replace your old cell phone with the latest and greatest model—and it falls on the floor and cracks. Or you buy a beautiful new couch—and spill red wine all over it. We’ve all experienced the frustration of seeing a purchase turn into a headache. The more you spent, the more anxiety-inducing those moments can be—even if the seller is down the street, and certainly if they’re half a world away. If you did spring for insurance to replace that dropped phone or wine-stained sofa, it might take hours to dig through old emails for your policy information and navigate the claims process, only to learn the fine print says you aren’t covered.

And in Europe, you likely don’t have a policy at all. Today, only a fourth of top online sellers offer product protection, and offline retailers have plans that could be vastly improved. Consumers are left on their own, and sellers forgo valuable opportunities to increase their sales and customer loyalty.

But now, Evy co-founders Simon Kemoun, Shana Azria and Tanguy Le Stradic are changing all that. Built from the ground up, their platform offers a simple set of APIs merchants can integrate to offer product insurance, allowing them to price customizable protection plans by category and deliver tailored coverage at lower deductibles. What’s more, Evy can handle the claims—often instantly. Sellers get a turnkey solution that helps their business grow, while customers get transparent policies, stress-free customer service and best of all, peace of mind.

When our friends at La Famiglia introduced us to Simon, Shana and Tanguy last year, Evy was just the three of them, and no product. But they did have complementary backgrounds (Simon previously founded a consumer social app and is a former McKinsey consultant; Shana was a senior engineer at Apple; Tanguy hails from rising-star French neobank Qonto) that combined to give them outsider insight on this space, and they had conviction in their technology-first approach. We were proud to lead their seed round earlier this year.

Fast-forward nine months later, and Evy has now grown into a talented and hard-working team of 10 and counting, offers insurance plans across multiple product categories with partnerships rolling out in phones, other electronic appliances, furniture, and more, and is already expanding beyond their roots in France into several other European countries. This week, as we celebrate their new pan-European partnership with e-commerce giant ManoMano, we are as excited as ever about what the future holds for Simon, Shana, Tanguy and their team—and ultimately, for shoppers everywhere. With each expansion into a new product insurance category, Evy is taking another step toward a world where we can all get what we need, worry-free.

Evy is hiring now! If you’re interested in joining the team, please reach out.